srijeda, 1. lipnja 2011.

Moleskine Art journal

                                         Fun, fun, fun...spray paints and stencils, markers, collage...

            something more "romantic"...acrylic paint, stencils, stamping pads, marker, prismacolors pencils.
                                               (Ok, I see now - all faces are in the same place :))

print on labels and sticking on the page

nedjelja, 29. svibnja 2011.

Moleskine Art journal

what lies under the surface?

                                                                 sadness or peace
                                   image transfer over gesso and acrylic paint, face - graphite pencil

acrylic paint, oil pastel, black PIT marker, white marker, stamp (words) and litlle "book" spray painting over stencils
I love poppies, too

inspiration for poppies pages: video tutorial -

                                                                  Life in the clouds...

                                            prismacolors, black marker, perfect pearls

                                           acrylic colors, stamps, stencils, stabilo black pencil

  In progress (missing text)...acrylic paint, oil pastel, collage